Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shoe Obessesion Part II

this is my latest buy.. from catwalk. bought them to practice how to walk in heels

bought them from a local store. they are so comfortable.. i dance all night long wearing them during the new year party.. (and i have just started wearing heels)
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Vintage Obsession said...

love the catwalk one whats the price??

Koshy said...

i got them just for Rs 300/-. i love catwalk sales!!!

Jessica said...

The wedges are adorable! Great buy for spring!

Magali said...

Which catwalk location do you go to? And how do you know when the sale is on? I always end up buying stuff waaayyy too expensive.
New follower BTW. I remember you from when you were gonna come to the IndiBlogger teen meet buy you never showed. I just started a fashion blog! :)


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