Friday, April 23, 2010

Climbing around

a long time since i had a what i wore post. actually since i had any post. but first, I HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR INTERVIEW AND PORTFOLIO REVIEW in Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore!! YAY!!! but that means i have to get my portfolio ready :boring
so anyways
that used to be my study table.. i have never studied on it though. it basically used to be the place where i would keep my school bag and school books(read dump)
 no this table is where i keep clothes that have to be repaired, altered, painted or turned into something else. behind are the books that i have been planning on reading since i was 14. 

Top- Hand me down, Shorts- Self crafted 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

flower power

made these flowers using the tutorial i found on Tea Rose Home
 attached a hair clip to this
 and a copper wire ring to the other


Monday, April 12, 2010

Purple Face

the thought of painting this on the t shirt came while i was having a conversation with my mother regarding the current obsession of skulls with most of the teen-age girls. its irritating.. Agreed i too am a teen aged girl who wears skull but i have been wearing it since the time i was in 5th grade i.e. since seven year.. and not since the time Avril Lavigne had become famous in mumbai.
as much as i remember skull is the upper cap like portion of the head and not the full face.. so i was just telling her that people should just draw the upper cap like portion and not the whole face.. so i made this.. first i had just done the things with the purple paint. after painting i realised that the distance between the face and the ears is too much.. yes those are ears and not headphones. so i drew the hair with a crayon to see how it looks.. and it looked pretty decent. then i covered the face with the sequins. and then painted the hair..

Materials Used:
1. Fevicril Acrylic Colours:
Black (02)
Violet (25)
Maroon (14)
2. Lavender Sequins

3. Fabric Glue

Linking this to:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hair Band

i made this!!! used 5 plastic spoons.. lots of fevicol and sequins . and i coverred the normal flat metal hairband with blue satin ribbon.. attached the spoons to the band with the satin ribbon.. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Jewels

From top-bottom: 
  1. Colaba Causeway
  2. Man selling chains and other stuff in front of my School
  3. Gifted by a friend
The last chain is my favourite one. I sometimes wear it as an anklet. 
From top-bottom:
  1. Mother's
  2. Banaras
  3. Banaras
  4. Mother's
From top-bottom:
  1. Mother's
  2. Archies
I find the first on too cute. When all my friend had a cell phone and i did not iused to wear that!  
  1. The White one is from Patna, gifted by my cousin
  2. The other on is from Lahore
The white one is just so unique. the white things are heavy stones. the necklace is very heavy. must be weighing around  500 gms.
From top-bottom:
  1. Gifted by my Sister
  2. Gifted by my Sister
  3. Hill Road, Bandra
From top-bottom:
  1. Hill Road, Bandra
  2. Sister's
From top-bottom:
  1. Gifted by a friend
  2. A road side stall outside Infiniti 
 And i am making a fabric covered beaded necklace. i hope i finish it by tomorrow. i have been making it since a week..
 and before i forget! there is an awesome sale happening of Dairies, necklaces, braclets etc etc. check Shruti's blog for further details!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

L'oreal photoshoot

i modeled for L'oreal Academy photoshoot. i will be getting the pictures after a month or so.. so i am just uploading few pictures that my hair-stylist took from her phone.. (apologies for the bad quality.)
There were three looks. this is the first one

for the second look they urled the right hand side of my hair using tongs and cut the left hand side. unfortunately i don't have any pictures for that.
Nor do i have the photoshoot picture for the third look.. but it was the final one so it here to stay. this is my final hair cut

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pin Brooch

My best friend's birthday is around the corner. And its her 18th birthday. so i thought this time i won't buy her anything instead make something for her. And the only thing i am good at is Knotting threads together. so i made her this brooch. i used a wool, a satin ribbon and 7 different threads. i have already packed it an kept. just waiting for her birthday to arrive.

Linked To

Tea Rose Home

8 yrs old jacket

i have been wearing this jacket since 8 yrs.. bought it when i was in fourth grade.. and right now i am applying for under graduate course! painted this when i was in the "Avril Lavigne Phase". I used to worship her and her clothes!!!


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