Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pin Brooch

My best friend's birthday is around the corner. And its her 18th birthday. so i thought this time i won't buy her anything instead make something for her. And the only thing i am good at is Knotting threads together. so i made her this brooch. i used a wool, a satin ribbon and 7 different threads. i have already packed it an kept. just waiting for her birthday to arrive.

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The Goddess of Boho said...

Woman I'm very jealous of the stuff you do!

Hippie Holly said...

Adorable, I am sure your friend will like it very much :)

Koshy said...

@ the goddess of boho:
@ hippie holly:
i sure of the fact that she will like it. i just hope she wears it!

Sachiko said...

She is such a lucky girl to have a friend like you! You did awesome job!

Koshy said...

thank you!!!

by night said...

This is very nice! and your blog is very interesting, fun & different! thanks for stopping by mine and letting me know you!

by night said...

I just realized I forgot to congratulate you on your French! Keep up the good work ;-)

Rachelle said...

Love it!!

Morgane said...

thank you for visiting me !
So you speak French too?! (from the previous comment!)
Merci de ta visite.
It is good to see how creative you are. I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

Fawnda said...

very cute... I am sure your friend will love it! :)


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