Monday, April 5, 2010

My Jewels

From top-bottom: 
  1. Colaba Causeway
  2. Man selling chains and other stuff in front of my School
  3. Gifted by a friend
The last chain is my favourite one. I sometimes wear it as an anklet. 
From top-bottom:
  1. Mother's
  2. Banaras
  3. Banaras
  4. Mother's
From top-bottom:
  1. Mother's
  2. Archies
I find the first on too cute. When all my friend had a cell phone and i did not iused to wear that!  
  1. The White one is from Patna, gifted by my cousin
  2. The other on is from Lahore
The white one is just so unique. the white things are heavy stones. the necklace is very heavy. must be weighing around  500 gms.
From top-bottom:
  1. Gifted by my Sister
  2. Gifted by my Sister
  3. Hill Road, Bandra
From top-bottom:
  1. Hill Road, Bandra
  2. Sister's
From top-bottom:
  1. Gifted by a friend
  2. A road side stall outside Infiniti 
 And i am making a fabric covered beaded necklace. i hope i finish it by tomorrow. i have been making it since a week..
 and before i forget! there is an awesome sale happening of Dairies, necklaces, braclets etc etc. check Shruti's blog for further details!!


OooKellyNicky said...

Wow, amazing jewelry. Always inspired.

Hippie Holly said...

Love the sneak peek at your jewelry, I can't decide which one I love best- I adore the telephone charm. So totally cute!

The Goddess of Boho said...

I love the stuff man, esp the oxidized ones.
i'm inspired to click my stuff like that :)


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