Friday, April 2, 2010

L'oreal photoshoot

i modeled for L'oreal Academy photoshoot. i will be getting the pictures after a month or so.. so i am just uploading few pictures that my hair-stylist took from her phone.. (apologies for the bad quality.)
There were three looks. this is the first one

for the second look they urled the right hand side of my hair using tongs and cut the left hand side. unfortunately i don't have any pictures for that.
Nor do i have the photoshoot picture for the third look.. but it was the final one so it here to stay. this is my final hair cut


Hippie Holly said...

OOh hot stuff, love the first few look like Priyanka Chopra in them :))

Koshy said...

because of the heavy makeup!

Bird said...

Koshy your hair looks fab! I now have hair envy... :)

Nora said...

you hairs look FAB! love it!

hugs and kisses,

shooting star said...

i like ur first haircut, cant say about the second and third much!!
but the first one is a toughy!! it needs lots of blow drying and styling to luk that way!!!..

Koshy said...

they were blowing my hair for about 30 minutes!!


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