Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ummm...guess thats what i will let the title to be

its been a while since i last wrote. well i have been busy studying... uhh.. not exactly studying though.

so anyways, i saw a play after ages. i went to Prithvi with nittal and shruti. my college team was performing. got hthe ticket just for Rs 25/- the play was called Lukka Chuppi. it was about this guy whose mother died giving birth to him and his father had abandoned him. the child suffered from split personality and had committed 3 murders it was good.. actually very good.

we were called to college yeaterday. were told that we will be given the hall tickets but we had a very stupid lecture my the art of living volunteers. so this is what i wore to college:-

these are y favorite denims. wearing them from the past 2 years. thy are just so comfortabe . and the shoes. they are so different. got then from lahore.

today, india is a 60 yrs old republic nation. this sunday i was reading an article called 60 reasons why i love india in ht brunch. it was a pretty interesting one. so anyways we had the republic day celebrations in the building. had flag hoisting, sports etc etc... ummm.. well i dont know what else to write.. and i will put up the pictures as soon as varun sends it to me...
till then

Friday, January 22, 2010

dress turned into jacket

seems like i cant't get my hair dyed blue. my hair is too dark fgor it. but i cant get my hair done red or pink which i dont want. i think i will stick to good ol' black.
so anyways, i have this dress(though its no longer a dress). black and white, body hugging and with a hood(i love clothes with hood). i had bought this dress when i was in the tenth grade i.e. in the 2007 for the new year party with my friends. but unfortunately i did not go anywhere that year. i was at home watching movies. so what matters is that i did not wear this dress. after that a year passed by but i did not wear this dress at all.
but then on the 16th feb 2009. i wore this dress and went for post kshitij party. but then after that i again didnot wear this dress again. and i somehow never found that too comfortable in that dress.

so today, i turned it ino a cape jacket.. well sort of. there was this one stitch in the middle i just cut it off.. and there in was.. the cape jacket.

i was too bored to click a picture wearing the jacket.

and the picture of me wearing the dress during the post kshitij part. i am the left one.. and sana on the right.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i am suppossed to study.

well, i am supoosed to study.i have to study but i just dont feel like doing it. its just so boring and irritating. i am studying only because there are exams coming up.
Shruti messaged in the mornig. though it wasn't a pleasent one. it said, "listen.. just in case there is class 2mrw, study.. she's taking prelims" i mean i hoped it was some syupid vodafone forward.
so anyways i started studying. was memorizing the french question and answers. after some time i felt like applying some eye make up. i love doing it. and i am pretty good at it. so heres what i did.

first i applied black kajal all over my eye lid.
then green eyeshadow from the inner edge to the center of the eye
and then blue eyeshadow from the outer edge to center..
but it ended up looking black..:(

after appling eyeshadow i back combed my hair. i just love doing it. it looks so pretty.

i always felt like dying my hair blue. specially now after seeing Tavi.but not the same shade of blue... but probably the Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind blue. i just love that colour.
anyways till then..

Monday, January 18, 2010

new boots

Papa got these new boots from Agra. i was hoping for Military style boots but they turned out to be Cowboy boots.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

shoe laces belt

the new belt i made using four pairs of shoe laces...

wig and t-shirt skirt

day before yesterday i was cleaning my cupboard when it struck me that i could wear one of my t-shirts as tights and skirt... so i did it...

i am wearing joss top, freespirit girls t-shirt as tights and skirt, pink heels, wig. i am wearing my glasses just because i was looking ugly without them...

the freespirit girls t- shirt

jhimmli wearing my wig...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shoes, skirt and smiley skulls

the other day papa told me to search one of his shoes...

i din't find them anywhere.. they seem to have disappeared somewhere.. but i found these lovely corduroy shoes...

i wore them yesterday.. they a bit too big for me... but still.. i like it.. so i am wearing it...
i am wearing black westside racerback top (it has a blue knot behind), purple tube top as a skirt, black skinny jeans, pink united colors of Benetton hoodie and papa's old shoes.

anyways.. aamna got this new nail art pen... she wanted me to draw something on her nails..

so this is what i did... i drew smiley skulls!!!

this is what i actually tried drawing on her nails...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Lohri celebrations in my building...

skirt, suit and onions...

my skirts shadow...

this is a really old skirt i have... bought it in the tenth grade i.e. 2007.. its so pretty and comfortable..

my fathers's new suit.. it is designed my Faizan Anwar.. he has his own label, Demireal...

i some how liked this bag... a girl from my college(mithibai...!) was carrying this...
the funniest thing... the bag was in one hand and in the other hand was a thin plastic bag with a tetra pack of juice...!

i saw this right outside my college... onions fallen out of the rickshaw....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

sociology in style... :p

me... before going for exams....

i am wearing shruti's chashma.... i was told that i look like a hindi professor...

sanidhya... after exams... i love his hair...


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