Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 is here...

2010 is here...welcomed the year dancing wearing heels...(yes!!! i did it..:p) damn.. my board exams are coming soon... so anyways its time to make the new year resolutions... (i always make them but never follow.)so here they are.
  1. i will write more.
  2. i will read more...(that doesn't mean reading more of tinkles and chicklits ).
  3. i will not make faces while eating food.
  4. i will try and eat properly.
  5. i will gain weight.
  6. i will reduce my intake of kurkure and thumps up.(very difficult)
  7. i will dance more
  8. i will design more clothes
  9. and yeah! i will watch more movies...
i went to sheesha's, mega mall, (yeah!!! mega mall) for the new year party... wore my sequined dress with blue jacket... (will upload the picture as soon as i get it)... won the award for best dancer female... danced with a group of foreigners(they were from hong kong)... and had a muscle pull in my leg... but still continued dancing...

another years gone... it was a wonderful year... i met so many new people.. dumped the people who took me for granted... made some wonderful friends... hope this year is way more better...
till then...

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