Friday, January 22, 2010

dress turned into jacket

seems like i cant't get my hair dyed blue. my hair is too dark fgor it. but i cant get my hair done red or pink which i dont want. i think i will stick to good ol' black.
so anyways, i have this dress(though its no longer a dress). black and white, body hugging and with a hood(i love clothes with hood). i had bought this dress when i was in the tenth grade i.e. in the 2007 for the new year party with my friends. but unfortunately i did not go anywhere that year. i was at home watching movies. so what matters is that i did not wear this dress. after that a year passed by but i did not wear this dress at all.
but then on the 16th feb 2009. i wore this dress and went for post kshitij party. but then after that i again didnot wear this dress again. and i somehow never found that too comfortable in that dress.

so today, i turned it ino a cape jacket.. well sort of. there was this one stitch in the middle i just cut it off.. and there in was.. the cape jacket.

i was too bored to click a picture wearing the jacket.

and the picture of me wearing the dress during the post kshitij part. i am the left one.. and sana on the right.


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