Thursday, January 21, 2010

i am suppossed to study.

well, i am supoosed to study.i have to study but i just dont feel like doing it. its just so boring and irritating. i am studying only because there are exams coming up.
Shruti messaged in the mornig. though it wasn't a pleasent one. it said, "listen.. just in case there is class 2mrw, study.. she's taking prelims" i mean i hoped it was some syupid vodafone forward.
so anyways i started studying. was memorizing the french question and answers. after some time i felt like applying some eye make up. i love doing it. and i am pretty good at it. so heres what i did.

first i applied black kajal all over my eye lid.
then green eyeshadow from the inner edge to the center of the eye
and then blue eyeshadow from the outer edge to center..
but it ended up looking black..:(

after appling eyeshadow i back combed my hair. i just love doing it. it looks so pretty.

i always felt like dying my hair blue. specially now after seeing Tavi.but not the same shade of blue... but probably the Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind blue. i just love that colour.
anyways till then..

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