Thursday, May 5, 2011

finally back in bombay and back on blog

did i tell you i am back in bombay? did i? I AM BACK IN BOMBAY. i am just so excited. the day i reached bombay, i actually told the automatic lift in my building "oh my automatic door lift!! i missed you so much!!!"

the train i was travelling in was 1 hour late. i clicked self obesessed photographs, spoke to other srishti students about my vacation plans ate 4 vada pavs and watched the sunset.



Vibha Rani said...

So enjoy Bombay. Be innovative, be creative. Hang out around the city. Grab, what you like and plan your vacation in fruitful manner.

Shreya said...


Also, I know the girl in the 4th picture. Can't recollect her name. Something from S? Or, I might be wrong.

Koshy said...

thats Shrujana.

shooting star said...

welcome back to blogging..i know how it means to be in one;s own city!!!....i was out of delhi for two months and when i came back...i said hello to the neighborhood dog too!!

S said...

Yes. She used to be a junior. :)


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