Thursday, June 16, 2011

three awesome things in three days.

day 1: i went see Shaitan with a cousin. now i tie can tie a Cheeni Kum length pony tail. it looks very funny though. And the ego boosting thing that happened that day was 3 people told me (who saw shaitan on various days) that Kalki reminds them of me. YAY YAY YAY!!! 
top: fabindia; skirt: commercial street, bangalore; bag:  swat valley, pakistan;  mojris: jodhpur.
day 2: i saw Wisdom. while walking on the beach i heard somebody say," yeh India ka ship hai. Ramada palace wallon ne paise de ke yahan display par rakha hai."
for people who don't know what Wisdom is -Wisdom is a Sri Lankan Cargo ship that was being tugged to Surat. but then something happened and strayed to mumbai almost colliding with the sea link but thanks to rain and wind it moved toward juhu and got stuck. Its huge and beautiful.

day 3: my first lunar eclipse. it was so beautiful and scary to watch the moon disappear. 

well thats it. i am leaving for my village tomorrow morning. if i am lucky i will also go to Nepal. i am looking forward to seeing trees full of mango and Kosi River. See you after 3rd then.


simple girl..... said...

you look good in the first pic.. and good luck for the trip have a great time...

shooting star said...

hey here after some considerable time and so much action has happened in between...
love your look in the first pic!!!
have a nice time at your village!!!

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