Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avatar, the days and shopping...

Avatar is such a boring film... the effects and all are superb.. but after some time it starts to get pretty boring... seems like they have just made up some story to show all the effects.. anyways.. there was this man in the theatre who was snoring and sleeping...
i have my exams from the 4th... i haven't even started studying... i have to start studying..
i am going for shopping today... finally after 3 months... can you belive that... 3 months no shopping... i just hope i find clothes of my size..
chacha, chachi and shivam are going to be coming today.. i guess they will be staying her till new year..
oh.. and yeah... finally we our having the days in college... but the days are so boring.. today its chocolate day, tomorrow is traditional day.. and on Monday it formal... cant the college think of something else.. i mean like Gothic theme, or like girls have to wear guys clothes and guys have to wear girls... now that day would have been a lot of fun..
i cant believe.. no on the second thought i can.. 12th is coming to an end... i will no longer be a student of junior college... i will soon be a student of degree college..
guess what...!!! i gtg and stu(die)....
gotta study psychology... autism, drug addiction etc etc...

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