Sunday, August 15, 2010

have you seen the green eyed girl in pink dress???

oh!!! yesterday was so much of fun.. my sister, my batch-mate (prateek) and i went to Mantri square yesterday. we decided to visit each and every shop in the mall. and it happens to be the biggest mall in india (atleast thats what they say). so what happened was that three of us were high on pepsi (yes pepsi) and we all know what happens when you are high and you are surrounded with clothes and wigs and lipsticks. so we go this store which sells sunglasses prateek and try some Barbie glasses and then i go like prateek you should see my glasses.. and ta da.. out comes my glasses.. i wear it and leave the shop. next stop- pantaloons. we go to the cosmetics section and my sister goes like.."my sister needs to go to a party. can you show her some lipsticks??" and by the end half of my lips were pink and the other half red. and then we go to the kids section and try a pink frock. and the result was this:

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Shreya said...

Faaaaaaaaaaaaak i'v always wanted to do this SO bad! like just try out insane stuff. but i tell you, not everyone hangs out with other insane people :/ sniff.

You look pwetty. sniff.

Koshy said...

lemme come to mumbai.. we should hang out together!!!

and thanks!!! :)


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