Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the cool people i hang out with!!!

well i was supposed to do this post a week ago.. but i was just too busy. i finally got some time.. so i made a collage of pictures.. my first time on photoshop.. i have slowly started learning it now.. and i am kind off enjoying it.. my room-mate is a pro at all the adobe softwares and etc.. so i am learning stuff from her..
anyways.. lets go to the photos
click on the picture to enlarge

photos: Prateek Vatash, Prakrithy Pradeep, Rutuja Patil, Shreyansh Agarwal


L1L2 said...

the sepia tinted close-up shots are beautiful!

shooting star said...

hi koshi, commenting here after long time..but i have been a silent follower of ur journey from home to college and to a new city!!
must say u have taken everything in the bets of spirits!!!

love the sepia shots!!!! and ur expressions of course!!!


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