Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tra la la la la!!!

i just randomly decided to wear a saree to college. i draped it normally but over a jeans and t-shirt. i hate wearing those ugly petticoats. well its actually a two weeks old photos!!

and finally the winner of the scarf giveaway is
email me your mailing address!!
edit: this is for the first time i wore saree on my own.. with no help. i am so proud of my self.

photo- sadhna prasad


Spardha Malik said...

I've always wondered why girls don't wear saris casually(including me)
My mum used to wear it during her college days every once in a while.
You look great... I find blockprinted cotton saris simply irresistible!! Bravo for wearing it so well.

Hippie Holly said...

Oh you look so pretty :))) I agree with Spardha we really should wear sarees regularly and not just for special occasions. Very nicely draped, petticoats are really really ugly! They should be banned!

Koshy said...

thank you spardha and holly!!

Jadis said...

I envy how *comfortable* you look in that sari. :)

L1L2 said...

good for you... that's pretty daring but am sure you turned heads/ hearts:)


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