Thursday, October 14, 2010

the hair story

People ask me why I cut and color my hair so often and my answer is always the same- I was bored. But the fact is this is just half the reason why I cut/color my hair. I do it because I like it. I like the way it feels. The way hair just ends suddenly at the sharp edges where you cut your hair. I like the way my finger slips from my hair when I use the conditioner that’s free with the hair color. And I love the smell of the hair color on my hair. Whenever I cut/color my hair I feel like a different person for sometime (only till the time the sharp edges and the smell of hair color lasts) and then its again back to feeling like myself.

Every time I cut/color my hair, it is an experiment; either done by me or by professionals. Its feels good to experiment and to be experimented on (guinea pig!?). Sometimes it goes wrong, sometimes very wrong and sometimes it is amazing. But whatever, at the end of the day its fun. A lot of fun.
hair experiment gone wrong
hair color gone wrong

Other hair related thing people ask me often is why don’t I grow my hair. Well I did try growing my hair till the time I was in the 5th grade (2001). It grew only till my shoulders. (I had the same length only once after that in 10th (2008) because my mother did not allow me to go for a haircut). It did not grow more than that length. And that length just sucks. I have never been able to style my hair of that length. I looked ugly and horrible with that length of hair. So after giving my 5th std final examination I realized enough is enough and decided to go for a hair cut (finally after years of trying to grow my hair).
longest hair ever had
 So I went to the parlour with my sister and chopped off my hair to a bob (the cut I got was called a mushroom cut). And ever since I have had haircuts with weird names like mushroom, baby mushroom, apple etc. (all of them being bob).
I cut my own hair now (or I go for free haircuts). I don’t understand why I have to pay for a haircut. It is MY hair that is being cut. I am losing out on my hair and people charge for taking stuff away from you. But whatever! I think my self-hair cutting skills have improved a lot lately (self praise!).

p.s. I want to learn how to make wigs and make them. Does anyone know anyone in the business?

p.s.s. does anyone in Bangalore wants a hair model to experiment hair coloring on? I am ready. I badly want my hair to be colored but I am totally broke. (in short I want free hair coloring)

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Shreya said...

Kosheeeeeeeeeeee! i go for free hair cuts too :D it's cheap fun! I went to Tony and guy recently! I want to try Mad o wat! Suggest! listen, next time you'r in Bombay, please do drop me an email! we'll go for a free hair cutting session together? :]


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