Wednesday, October 27, 2010

confused soul

i am finally getting a chance to dress up and i cant think how to dress up, what to dress up and like whom to dress up. well i am going for a halloween party this sunday. i dont know what to wear.. how yo dress up!!! urgh!! this is so very annoying..
i was thinking of katy perry, lady gaga or a zombie. but everyone would expect me in a gaga costume so i dont want to dress up in that.
and i have this purple frock that comes till my knee. it has black frill on the neck line (v neck) and has a black waist band. and its a size bigger.
edit- what about justin bieber, vampire or a goth (last two sound boring!!!)


gayatri said...

hmm how abt dressing up as the ghost from "The Ring" .simple and easy look - long flowy white robe, black poker straight hair, whiteish eyeshadow and dead pan no smile look

shooting star said...

how about cleopatra, ull make a perfect one..!!!


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