Monday, November 1, 2010


A dead party goer or a murder victim 

Dying bollywood ishtyle!

outfit(costume) detail:
headgear: self made
top: gifted
pants: H&M
shoes: catwalk


Koo said...

Wowww, fun :)
I wish i got to celebrate Halloween.

Koshy said...

this was my first halloween!!! i was on top of the world when i came to know about it!!!

RepublicOfChic said...

I MUST have those sequinned (awesome) pants! Loved your halloween costume. Although I was secretly hoping you'd go as Lady Gaga. In my heart, I've already assigned you that title :)

Koshy said...

i too wanted to go as Lady Gaga but there was a particular person who wanted to come to the party and happened to be a HUGE fan of gaga. there were chances that this person would have dressed up as gaga..
plus everyone expected me to be gaga!


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