Sunday, November 21, 2010

dance dance!!

we have a dance course going on. this means wearing track pants and tights. and i hate wearing track pants and i look funny in tights. thus this week has been a miserable one in terms of clothes. that fact that i have to wear clothes that i don't like doesn't make me jump start my day. every morning i lie on the bed and think of not going to college and of stupid excuses. but i get up and end up going to college with a very sleepy face. but yesterday was different. as soon as i left the house i was greeted by a beautiful cobweb

and then i danced.
and then during the lunch time i saw a wonderful tiffin.
have you ever seen such a huge tiffin!!!

1 comment:

sandhyaa said...

haahah...i feel d same abt tights !cobweb pic is v nice !
and thts a really big lunch box (brkfst+lunch+dinnr box) !


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