Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mumbai trip

my mumbai trip is going to end soon! i want to go back and i don't want to go back!!
so during this trip
i clicked my cousin in the wig he made:

 crowned my cousin as miss A/302:

got entertained by my little brother: 

cut my hair:

bought 5.5m of this wonderfull lace/border/trimming/whatever:

 tried light painting:

made weird faces:

clicked awesome photographs of my friends:

tore my already torn denims:

hung out with friends(over exposed)

hung out with friends (normal)

travelled in a local train

ate at a goan restaurant:
i did other things as well.. but i dont have any pictures!

1 comment:

shooting star said...

happy new year koshy!!
nice stuff you've been doin....


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