Thursday, January 13, 2011

my new year resolutions 2011

i have a very small list of resollutions; but they are very very difficult to follow
  1. i will not cut my hair and will go for just one trim to get rid of the leftover colour.
  2. i will not colour my hair.
  3. i will not eat mcdonalds and kfc food.
thats it. 
nothing else.
but its difficult.


Shreya said...

But short hair is EPIC WIN :O

Cut, cut, cut!

Koshy said...

long hair just for a change.. and then on 1st jan 2012 first thing i will do is go get my hair cut in a style i have never had before!

Magali said...

Yes I agree with Shreya. But change is fun too, no? I also want to get short-short hair. Last time I had it is when I was 13. Do let us know if you manage to keep this up! :D


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