Saturday, March 26, 2011

holi and after holi

this is going to be a picture loaded post. oli is my favourate festival. i love celebratin holi with my family. we play and eat, talk and sleep. it is a lot of fun.
this years holi was different. it was fun but different.

the colour i made

harry potter(adrita das) cursing some lame wizard (me) while watched by another lame wizard (prateek vatash)

photo credits: Adrita Das, Indrajeet Deshmukh, Vishakha Jindal, Siddhant Shetty, Raj Palan.


Shreya said...

KOSHY! I saw your picture on Adrida Das's facebook and I went like :O :O :O at your hair. You went short and I loveth it way too much!

I want to go that short...lack the guts.

Koshy said...

thanks shreya!
now i am already bored of this style and my hair refuses to grow! :(

Shreya said...

Inspire me to go THAT short, please? :(

shooting star said...

u had fun gurl!!!!!!!
btw the ghajini hairstyle really suits u!!!


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