Sunday, February 7, 2010

random clicks!

just felt like uploading some old photographs!

 tired after working. sitting on the table on kshitij office.
and i painted the shoes i am wearing

our college had participated in a face painting competion last year. i was the model and one of my friend Shail was the painter. we won first prize for this. and the crown is for the head gear making competition. i stil have it   with me.

i love this t shirt. it say "i tried being eco friendly, but now i am an eco warrior"

after discovering a laughing buddha buried in the sand of Juhu beach!

this is when i was practising to pose for a Malhar Event.

sleeping after french class!

during the swine flu scare

just i random one

this is after participating in Project Broadway! was tired but still in the mood to have fun!

Photo courtesy: Shruti Bhiwandiwala 


joshi daniel said...

that's a cool face painting!

Koshy said...

thank you!


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