Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

happy valentine's day!!! i am celebrating this day with my friend and my family! few pics


i love my glasses!

 shivam saw my make-up kit and wanted to apply it! the result! doesn't he look cute?

Model in making!!! 

 Lyka and Zoyee! jhimmli's dogs.

 three of us in shadows

ops!! i ended up putting alot of photographs! :s


Melissa said...

These pictures are so fun and playful (:

smrithi rao said...

love your glasses :) where did u get them ? can i steal?:)

Koshy said...

i made the glasses.. like i stuck the beads on them! wouldn't mind making one for you!! :)

smrithi rao said...

dude thats awesome :)

shooting star said...

i think ur hairstyle rockks!!!....
the hairdresser at the salon was telling me get a edgy bob this time but i resisted...but after seeing ur pics, i guess next time ill definitely go for that!!!

Koshy said...

@Shooting Star: thank you so much!


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