Thursday, February 4, 2010

turkish pants dress

i had these turkish pants in the 10th grade. i used to wear it quite often, as in atleast once a week. they were my favourite. i wore them for a year. anyways after being worn so often the elastic started to loosen up, and after some time i could no longer wear it. it was kept back in my cupboard until few months ago. i transformed these pants into a dress.

even though i wore it so regular i have no pictures in it. so i substituted it with a sketch.

i cut that part of and there it was.. the beautiful blue dress

i am wearing the turkish pants dress, with the Gabbar Singh belt, blue stockings, yellow Westside dupatta, new jootis (the same one in the previous post) and i am carry a pink Golmaal bag.


smrithi rao said...

looks so smart on paper only :) have the completed version ? would love to see. do put up pictures of the dress you said you created from the drop crouch pants

Koshy said...

this is the dress itself.. will click a better picture and post it! :)

The Goddess of Boho said...

Girl I love this look!

P.S. Great Blog you have there!

Koshy said...

thank you so much!


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