Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fake 18th birthday

shruti, nittal, hileri and i celebrated our fake birthday. i call it the way in advance 18th birthday! reason- hil is going to pune and i am going to Bangalore. we wont be able to celebrate our birthday together. we went for lunch to sernya. had yummy Tibetan food. and we gave each other gifts. i gave shruti a fake barbie doll(inside joke) and nittal and hileri a book each. and these are my gifts:
1.Orange Pants

2.Linen Dress

3.Pin Brooch

4.Eye Shadows


6.Nail Paint

sorry for the bad pictures. i was too bored to put the camera batteries for charging, then wait for it to charge, then click pictures and upload.


shruti said...

change in details-only you're leaving :) hil didn't get in. :( and il give u a better picture of the brooch? in mum's camera though, so ill put it up in the night.

Koshy said...

so i am the only one who is going??

shruti said...

yeah :/

shruti said...

yeah :/

Hippie Holly said...

Oh I love the idea of celebrating all your birthdays together. How nice! You've got some awesome gifts, love the eyeshadows and the linen dress!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Looove the paisley print top!


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