Sunday, June 27, 2010

inside my bag!!

on the 18th june,i was told to show what is in my bag by holly and sally. so i am finally doing this post!

my bag for the day

 look look!!!

 i read two books at the same time.

 a new buy!!!! florescent yellow hair mascara. though it looks green after applying

 my wallet with no money!! HAHA!!

 my huge list of the thing i have to take to bangalore

 a belt cum hairband
bill from the service center! i got my camera from the service center yesterday and it is already spoilt today! my luck with cameras!

 crap! i could not find a dustbin!

 orange pen

 my ipod! my life!


 lip balm

and all of it together!


shooting star said...

pretty intersting koshy!!!
and ur bag seems to the least clutttered of all the ones i have seen during the course of this tag, including mine!!!!

Koshy said...

haha!! thanks!!

Hippie Holly said...

Thanks for doing the tag and the giveaway post, Koshy! :) Your mascara looks most funky!!!!!!


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