Wednesday, June 30, 2010

leaving home!!

the time is nearing. i am leaving in 10 days. i am a bit nervous. and i just have 10 more days to pack, shop, forget and forgive. this feels weird. i am so confused. i wonder how will it be in a new city. with out anyone i know around. plus i am sharing my room with a senior. that makes me all the more nervous. i wonder if i will eat properly. i wonder if they will serve uppma for breakfast. i wonder what i will wear and how will i dress up. i wonder how will i fight with the shop keepers and the rickshaw walas. i wonder how my room=mate will be. will i adjust? will i make friends easily? or will i be a loner? will i complete my assignments on time? will they be good? i am freaking out!!!

1 comment:

shruti said...

that's why i'm saying don't go :P


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