Thursday, June 10, 2010

post after a long time

i was too bored to post something. all i have been doing these days is watching desperate housewives, gossip girls and chick flicks. these are my major activities these days. apart from this what all i did in the last ten days are:
1. Collected my marksheet and got it attested
2. Wore my red Mojris 

3. Had a huge party in my house.

4. Saw a funky building.

5. Saw funny mannequin.

6. bought a cute umbrella.

7. thought of doing some heavy reading.
8. started packing
9. started making lists for shopping
10. procrastinated (actually procrastinating) the act of getting my camera repaired
11. wished for getting a working laptop.
12. painted my face.

13. scanned around 300 photos.

well thats it. now i just hope i have the next post soon.
and before i forget, i need suggestions regarding what to pack as i am going to Bangalore for further studies. 


Hippie Holly said...

The mojris are fantastic!

Koshy said...

i know.. they are one of my favourites..

shooting star said...

am liking the mojris and loving your painted face :))


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