Monday, June 28, 2010

new header and a dinner

i finally have a new header. i made this collage for my Srishti portfolio. we were asked to make something that represents our creativity and interests. i call this 'a fashion freak in heaven'. its basically about a girl who loves dressing up and spends hours and hours doing so. so this is one of those days when she is sitting in her room thinking what to wear and how to wear. she cant decide anything. is confused. and stressed. and then she dies. she has reached heaven and is still wondering what to wear. (the white things are cloud!) 
this is actually a collage done on paper with magazine cuttings, wires and threads. i clicked its picture and then edited it on
this is the unedited  picture:

well i went for a dinner with my parents yesterday.this is what i wore.

outfit details: top:code; black undershirt:citi mall; black jeans:lokhandwala; socks:bangkok; shoes:patna.


Hippie Holly said...

I LOVE that header! You are a little creative genius you know!

Koshy said...

thanks holly!

The Goddess of Boho said...

I love this all black look.
Looks superb on you :)


Koshy said...

thank you!!!


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