Friday, July 30, 2010

100th post

yay!!! finally i have the 100th post. will soon be having a 100th post and my 18th birthday giveaway.
yesterday i went to venkattapa art gallery. its such a huge gallery..
outfit details:
duppatta- sister's
kurti- fab india
jeans- jealous 21
bag- hp
slippers- ticket

and i got the second side(right) of my nose pierced. its hurting a lot. the entire right hand side of my face. but it looks cool


Sean P said...

hey... long time.. I'm doing BMM right now...
cool blog... I read it once in a fortnight.. and thats fairly regular for almost anything I do these days...
your birthday giveaway... hmm... even i'll have to plan something...

Koshy said...

hey thats really nice.. where are you doing bmm from???
and i am glad you read my blog so often!!!


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