Thursday, July 8, 2010

farewell party

my friends threw me a farewell party! we went to sernyaa and had yummy tibetan food! they gifted me hoodie too! isn't that cool! i had had an amazing day with them. Shruti, Nittal, Hileri and Rajesh.. you guys are the best!

this what i wore:
outfit details:
bow clip(not clearly visible): mumbai local train
tulle cape: self made
purple top(modified): joss
beaded brooch: Shruti
black jeans: lokhandwala, mumbai
shoes(not shown): lahore
bangles: gifts from relatives


Shreya said...

you'r pictures are damn cool. actually, interesting ! :) and most of the stuff, i like :)

shruti said...

could only comment now..back to juhu. anyway, aww we love you, which is why we did that!!! i wish i'd woken up early to yell a final goodbye into your ears!! :( when i messaged you, was all groggy with weird floppy hair nd reading the paper :/ I MISS YOU ALREADY!! (i sound like some crazy lover of yours, but i don't care)



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