Friday, July 2, 2010

tee shirt scarf

i was bored sitting on the chair in front of the computer facebook-ing. and then i thought lets search for some DIY ideas. so i came across a tutorial teaching how to recycle your old tee shirt and turn it into a i took a really old tee shirt. its got oil stains and all to try. will make a better one soon.
i haven't figured out yet how to wear it. till then i will wear it on my looks much better as a head-wear(is that a term??)

a random fact: i am in love with the orton-ish effect by the reason for all the wierd looking pictures!


Spardha Malik said...

its a cool head 'gear'! :)

Koshy said...

thanks spardha!!

Cindy said...

Very cute and super easy!


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