Friday, July 23, 2010


ok!! so the first week of college was orientation. my faculty for orientation was raghu.
all of us had different assignments to do. it was fun.

this asignment was called Aspiration. we had to make use of a door and a ladder. we could also use one another symbol

this was call Face the Fear.

this one was Collector. we had to collect around 30 things/people/quote etc that inspire us. the we had to make something out of it. the human like structure on the left is lady gaga!!

the orientation was a little bit wierd. it was for the first time that i had this kind of training. i mean we were allowed to do whatever we wanted to. it was refreshing as i had previously always ended up fighting with my and craft teachers. they made me copy what they drew. irritating. overall i was surprised that i could do such fine drawings. i was surprised that i could think a bit differently.

in short and simple, orientation helped me get familliar with the crowd, the way things work and the fact that i have to call my faculty by their first name.

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