Sunday, July 25, 2010

jolly mohalla

yesterday i went to this place called jolly mohalla, bangalore. it is a waste market. they recycle old used wires and plastic. they even repair and clean the jute and plastic gunny bags.



Shreya said...

the fourth picture...its soo odd, the pink and green colour-splash out of nowhere !

Spardha Malik said...

y u behind the camera all the time??? this market needed some quirky koshy pics!

Koshy said...

i know.. i want that too.. but i totally forgot cause i was tried and hungry!! but i have made my mind now that whenever i go to the city next i will click some "quirky koshy pics"


L1L2 said...

great post!

Swati said...

hey koshy, i'm swati faculty from srishti. we met briefly during the quilt course. good pics. if you have time & money, do go on the trash trail by dailydump in bangalore. Check this:


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