Sunday, July 4, 2010

dinner!!! yet again!!!

yesterday i we went to one my mother's friend's place for dinner.. i was in no mood to go cause the host keep on feeding us. i mean come on i am full.stop putting food in my plate. so because of everything i was in mood to dress up for dinner. i just wanted to wear jeans and throw a t-shirt over. but then i realized that i had pack all my jeans and t-shirt. then i saw the skirt lying around in my i was like let me wear it. i am too bored to look for other stuff. so in the end what i wore was:
outfit details
skirt dress: Colombo
black t-shirt: Citi Mall
bag: Madurai
beaded brooch (Webster) : Shruti


Vintage Obsession said...

some patch work on the dress ?? i likes the layering :)

Koshy said...

no patch work as such. it has this weird plaid fabric in the center with a strip of lace!!

Hippie Holly said...

Love this look, the layering looks great! That skirt is real pretty!

shooting star said...

liking the skirt dress!!!

L1L2 said...

like the way you have layered... n it's a very laid-back yet pretty dress-skirt.

L1L2 said...

like the way you have layered. pink n black is usually pretty awesome and it this attire seems to work so well in a very laid-back yet proper fashion. nice one...

Koshy said...

@holly: thanks
@L1L2: thank you


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